September 15, 2014

AB Twister Novafit AB02


  1. 3 levels of resistance on this home exercise equipment for beginners and pros alike.
  2. The Ab Rocket’s padded rollers gently massage your back and neck.
  3. 3 sets of resistance cylinders
  4. Reduces strain on the neck and back.
  5. Makes Crunches fun and easy.
  6. Convenient and easy to use, the Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer folds away easily for storage.
  7. Material: Steel, ABS, Strong Springs
  8. N.W: 6.5Kg
  9. G.W: 7Kg
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January 15, 2015

Nova Easy Push up


  1. 3 levels of resistant bands
  2. Simultaneously engages muscles all over the body
  3. Great core workout
  4. Sturdy steel design
  5. Rebounding range of motion
  6. Lightweight and portable
  7. 5 minutes a day to get lean, ripped results
  8. 3 color coded resistance cables deliver 0 to 65 lbs of resistance on top of the fluid resistance you get by using your own body weight
  9. No strain on your back
  10. 100 percent back support
  11. Material: 90 percent steel, 10
January 17, 2015

HR 500 – Novafit Horse Rider

The secret of Horse Rider is the innovative dual-motion technology that combines body shaping resistance workout with aerobic exercise. It combines four different exercises the leg press, squats, rows, and crunches with aerobic exercise to give you an effective calorie burning body toning workout. Varying Hand grip on the Tiger will work out your Biceps, Shoulders and back muscles Chest and Triceps It’s smooth gliding motion targets all the major muscle groups as you ride.…