1. Excellent steel imported from Korea,Net weight 80 kg to make sure the stability
  2. Over sized diameter (44 mm) high strength axis and high duty pedal, Effective reduce malfunction and prolongs working life.
  3. Excellently comfortable brake button, with press design.
  4. Choose the direction of movement by oneself.
  5.  Driven as belt, effectively control the noisy.
  6.  The canteen rack excellently fuse together with handle bar, looks fashion and nice.
  7. Greatest feature been designed as vacillate to the left and right, even though we are in home can enjoy the feeling mountain biking.
  8.  4 extended life chromium alloy spring been used, the number of use can reach 500 thousand.
  9.  Tube 50*100 mm flat oval, plus 50*80 mm square tube, thick: 2.5 mm
  10. Fly wheel weight: 20 kg.
  11. the max weight can burden 150 kg.


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