1. The bicycle is designed based on human engineering theory, the users can adjust the seat both forwards & backwards and upwards & downwards.
  2. The hand grip can be adjusted to fit different users.
  3. The canteen rack is equipped.
  4. Adjustable footplates make users more comfortable.
  5. Adopt imported over striking axletree and high strength foot pedal which decrease the failure rate and lengthen the service life.
  6. Chain Driven, the bicycle can be ridden in dual directions,user can choose direction at his pleasure.
  7. The bike self-weight is 50kgs, the flywheel is 20kgs, which makes the movement more stable.
  8. The handlebar uses aluminum alloy which makes the adjustment more smooth and stable, and won’t get rusty.
  9. Adopting press type brake design prolongs its service life
  10. The whole bike adopts aseismatic system, makes the user have their effects of shock absorber no matter sitting or standing on the bike, and lengths the using life, and makes the movement more comfortable.
  11. .The bicycle is equipped with 2 wheels in the front ,it can be moved easily and conveniently.
  12. Unique shield designed to prevent the flywheel being sweat corrosion.
  13. Adopt streamlined design,which makes the appearance smooth and nice.
  14. Size: 1100mm(L)*500(W)*1100(H)
  15. Seat and hand-grip can be adjusted;
  16. Adjustable footplate;
  17. Brake system to control the degree of resistance;
  18. Two wheels on the foreside of the bicycle;
  19. G.W.: 70kg; N.W.: 65kg;
  20. Max user weight:150kg.
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