1.  Voltage : 220V/50Hz
  2. Power : 30W
  3. G.W : 15KG
  4. N.W :  13KG
  5. It imitates air pressure technology from massager chair with tender massage intensity and flexible massage function.
  6. It imitates Kneading massage by massagist to achieve comfortable massage effects.
  7. Special rollers are equipped on the bottom of the massager to stimulate acupuncture points in the foot. Working together with air pressure, it helps achieve the best massage effect
  8. Wrap-around air bags designed for the half sole make toes that are squeezed in shoes feel completely relax.
  9. Omni-directional depth massage to the toptoe,sole,foot and calf help boost physical and emotional health.
  10. With Far Infra-red heat function,it can warm the body and promote blood circulation.
  11. 3 levels of intensity and 3 programs lead to 5 kinds of different massage combination as you desire.
  12. It is programmed for 15 minutes each session.
  13. The air bags will be shrinked automatically to prevent legs from being stuck when the power is off in a sudden.
  14. Detachable fabric cover is removable and washable.
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