• Touch Sense Technology is the most innovative user interface. Blue back lighted sensor buttons clearly indicate user to easily start workout
  • Built in Heart Rate Bar System could simply help runners monitor easily and precisely the heart rate with both hand pulse and polar telemetry to achieve the individualized heart rate target for best workout result
  • Built in test programme by Gerkin and FBI offer the best reference for personal physical condition test and training that really simulate training system of military
  • Large LED dot matrix and scrolling text help runner to monitor workout
  • Full sets of program for different training request,including 20 workouts
  • The ergonomic panel handle that places the most-frequent used control button and hand pulse on the handle to maximize the safety and convenience
  • High Speed O² generator



  • Powerful AC 5.0 HP continuous (10 HP Peak) motor with DK drive motor control
  • Speed range : 0.8 ~ 25km/h (0.5-16.6 mph)
  • Precise incline control from 0~15%
  • 25.4 mm (1″) medium density double faced fiberboard with intelligent shock absorption system that protects the knees
  • Pre waxed heavy duty 2 ply running belt from Siegling USA (22″ x 62″)
  • Precision steel rollers : 100mm (4″)
  • Two removable cup / bottle holder
  • Integrated Accessory Tray
  • Aluminium Footrail
  • Maximum User Weight : 200 Kgs
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