1. Total Core is the amazing abdominal exerciser that gives you a full 360-degree total core workout in one simple and continuous motion all from a comfortable seated position. You’ll work the front of your core including upper abs, lower abs, and side oblique plus lower back muscles and back of your core, all at the same time.
  2. Total Core provides a gentle back massage while assisting you on your way up, which by the way is the most difficult part of your core workout. To add more effectiveness to your crunches it provides a fluid smooth resistance while on your way down.
  3. Works abs, obliques & lower back all at the same time
  4. A full, 360-degree, total core workout in one simple and continuous motion
  5. Easy to use, no matter what your fitness level
  6. If you can sit in chair, you can get tight and toned
  7. Stress free, strain free workout
  8. Comfortable, compact, and lightweight
  9. Sit down, sit back, and let it happen
  10. Material: PVC Base, Steel, ABS, Foam
  11. N.W: 8Kg
  12. G.W: 8.8Kg
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