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Studio Bikes

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    • Arbitrator with seat and Hand Pulse.

    • Consists of monitor with functions: time, speed, distance, scan & Calories.

    • Automatic ON/OFF.

    • Luxurious Design with steel wheel for smooth working.

    • Break system for tension Control.

    • 6 Kg fly wheels.

    • Can be used as a cycle or Cross Trainer.

    • Adjustable Handle Bar for Varying Heights.

    • Maximum User Weight: 100Kgs.

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    • Arbitral with Seat.

    • Consists of adjustable tension strap.

    • Luxurious Design & Reversible movement. (Forward/Backward).

    • Computer display for Time, Speed, Distance & Calories.

    • Console of dual action handle Bar and fixed mode too.

    • Dual action mode: To allow handles to move along with the pedals, select a height setting that is comfortable to the user.

    • Maximum user weight: 220LBS (100Kg)

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    • Model of deluxe orbitrac.

    • Console of dual action handle bars.

    • Combines cycling with rowing actions.

    • Consists of handle bars, which can also have independent cycling

    • Wind wheel aid 430mm

    • Consists of adjustable tension strap with control knobs.

    • Consists of monitor with 5 functions speed, time, distance, calories & pulse.

    • Max. user weight: 110 kg

    • Tension Adjustment

    • Scan monitor lets you monitor automatically alternate the four readouts in short intervals.

    • The monitor turns off automatically when not in use to conserve energy.

    • Tension level can be manipulated to vary intensity of workout as you exercise.