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    • Low noise ultra thin 4-roller mechanism,it can effect kneading,tapping, pressing,shiatsu and other massage function.
    • Full body scan function , L-shape track massage, It can massage from neck ,shoulder, back, waist, to buttocks.
    • Zero Gravity function, one touch press to effect large angle zero gravity position
    • Zero space Intelligent sliding forward, Zero space between backrest and wall.
    • Extendable footrest,maximum 23cm , suitable for people of different height.
    • Armrest and leg rest are equipped with multi-layer airbags, provide air massage to body, promoting blood circulation.
    • Rollers in foot parts, providing shiatus, scrape massage to sole.
    • Dimensions of packing(chair) 1580*850*860mm
    • Dimensions of packing(Leg rest) 540*460*550mm
    • G.W. 107KG
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    • Patent 3D massage machine in back.
    • Back massage rollers with heating function.
    • With acupuncture point tracking detecting function,It can supply exact massage accoridng to different people with different body shape and height.
    • Forward sliding function, massage chair can put 8cm from the wall.
    • Zero gravity pose, chair reclining and body stretch function.
    • Full body air pressure massage including the back, arm, seat, leg and foot.
    • Beautiful four color LED light on the armrest.
    • Removable power box for easy checking and maintenance.
    • Innovative Leg Rubbing function. Leg muscles rubbing massage can effectively improve the leg pain effect, restore health and vigorous of legs.
    • Dimensions of packing(Main body) 1470*745*940(mm)
    • Dimensions of packing(armrest) 1565*420*710(mm)
    • Dimensions of packing(leg rest) 530*445*540(mm) Qty in Master Carton
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    • Input voltage : AC220V-240V 50Hz
    • Rated Power : 130W
    • Noise : <45dp
    • Leather : PU
    • Handrail : ABS environmental plastic
    • Pre-set massage time : 15 min
    • Controller : LED
    • 3 Pcs Shoulder Airbag
    • 2 Pcs Neck Airbag
    • 2 Pcs Waist Airbag
    • 1 Pc Cushion Airbag